Wednesday, January 23, 2013

205 - 4 my eyes only

With the fan dying on my power supply I've been running my computer for only 4 hours at a time with the window open and a fan blowing the cold air at the tower. This has keep my computer from crashing so that is nice but man it is getting kinda frigid in my office. I'm coloring with a hoodie on all zipped just to keep warm. But here's the important part. It's so worth it because GEEK is coming along and the colored pages I think are looking great. I believe we will be showing then to the world soon so I'll be able to share them here soon, I don't think you guys will be disappointed. 

In the meantime while my comp is down for the hour I give it to cool off completely I've been doing a little sketching. I've finished one piece and almost the second in a set that will be winging off to the far north to my favorite podbrothers. So for now I can't share pics as I want them to be a surprise. Soon as the package I will soon send off is received I'll put the sketches up here, they are turning out nice. 

Hope you are all enjoying your 2013 so far.

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