Sunday, August 15, 2010

61 - Damn stack of books...

On my book case I have a giant stack of books on How to Draw. How to Draw the Marvel Way, How to Draw Monsters, How to Draw Cutting Edge Anatomy, big ol stack of books and I have never gotten around to really doing anything with them outside of using them as reference for certain drawings. Add that to what I believe to be probably my biggest deficit as an artist, a lack of filled sketch books and I think they add up to a simple answer. I simply need to increase my output, after all these years I still don't think I have gotten the bad drawings out of my system, I still haven't found my "style".
So that's the new goal, in between projects now I am going to do my best to just put out some pages, ease up on trying to do perfect drawings and just draw. If I have heard one constant from all my art teachers and all the artist blogs I have read and tutorials I have seen it's that sheer numbers are the best way to go.
So as it stands now I have Simian beer labels to design and monkey motif t-shirts to work on and when I'm not doing that I am going to try to draw my way through this big ass stack of books.
These sketches are from the first book I'm working my way through, Christopher Hart's Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist, the idea of this one is to make characters with the more streamlined look ala Michael Oeming's Powers. I have a bunch of Hart's art book's, nice step by step instructions now it's just up to me to do the work.
Anyways critiques are always appreciated, that is if you made it through this diatribe, blah blah blah indeed. Now back to the monkeys...I shall return...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

60 - Scott Pilgrim vs all the movies out this weekend...

Spoiler Alert Theater again-

Enjoyed the hell out of this. Edgar Wright has now done for teen comedies with Scott Pilgrim what he did for zombie flicks with Shaun of the Dead. This one will have to have it's own genre, it just won't fit anywhere, fun as hell. The soundtrack, the one liners, the super-powered vegans, the editing-this movie is worth seeing for any one of this reasons and it has all of them!
Any who doubted the power of Michael Cera will have to admit his ability after seeing this flick, he's still the lovable loser you cheer for but in this movie he seems to pull it off in a completely different fashion, it's enjoyable just to hear the cadence he gives to the characters speech, stumbling, interrupted, and naturally unfiltered is how it comes across.
We can also not forget the other great appearances in this film, to many to get into but the girls in Scott Pilgrims life our brought to the screen by some fearsome actors, cute + powerful equal Scott being in trouble from credits to credits.
If you at home doing nothing right now, get up, get out and go see this movie. You won't regret it.

P.S. And just so we're clear I am still planning on seeing The Expendables and The Other Guys, Pilgrim was the group choice for our Friday night outing.

Monday, August 9, 2010

59 - And back to it, tutorial time!

Back into the action and I felt like running through some tutorials, as I've found a couple thousand online that look like fun. Found a couple of great ones and went through them, this pic came from:

Tutorial written by Greg Martin -

This was actually done with his star field tutorial and planet tutorial combined, I used my results from both to make this image. I think it turned out pretty good for my first shot at a bit of sci-fi, never done anything like this before and I have to say I like it. If you don't, don't let me know cause I'm not interested.