Wednesday, February 29, 2012

150 - Get your GEEK on

Trying to work through the cold medicine and day long headache. Thought putting some colors on a nice image might help my brain to wander so I went into my cool pics from the internet folder and found the above image. Matt Cohen (@cameltoad) from SModcastle/Bagged and Boarded/Camel Toad Productions infamy is writing a comic and has Axel Ortiz (@pecks13) working on the art. The GEEK poster above is the only promo image release so far but I think it looks like it might be a really cool book when it comes out.  The only part I did is the color, all the rest of it was down by Axel. Think it turned out pretty good. Ah time for more aspirin.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

149 - what's in a podcast?

Still messing around with the podcast logo. Trying to get the look down for The Next Element Podcast, it's got to be somewhat stylish. Tried some orange, tried some blue. I personally like the orange one.

Today was a very note worthy day for the podcast. Colin and I had everything set up. Went over the list of things we wanted to cover and then went at it with some gusto. And as life is cruel some times we ended up with absolutely nothing to show after a great hour long discussion. So we have joined the ranks of some of the greatest podcasters out there knowing that we had a great discussion and it was lost to the ether.

So now we have to re-do the first podcast so we can get something up at  
besides our 2nd test pod. Ah life she is a work in progress.

Monday, February 20, 2012

148 - The Next Element Podcast! We have a name!

After about an hour of discussion today on Skype with my boy Colin some decisions have been made. If you are really blind you might not have noticed the to colorful boxes above. We have a name for our podcast. Colin and I will be doing a podcast called "The Next Element Podcast" as we work toward making our own comic book! I have found a couple of podcasts about making comics and about the comic book industry, most are fairly informative and almost all of them are entertaining. The thing that they all to to have in common is that they are filled with people that have published books, that have worked for the industry, that have great experiences to share and knowledge to pass along. What I haven't been able to find though is a podcast of a couple of people talking about the experience as it is happening. Colin and I are total amateurs. We have no idea what we are doing other than what we have heard and read, no real world experience trying to create a book and get it published. Will it work? Will we create an amazing award winning book right out the gate? Will we make something so bad we don't want it to see print? No one knows. The only thing I know right now is that it should at least be entertaining.

So if you want to come along for the ride you can find us @NextElementPodcast over on the twitters. Any questions, comments, suggestions can go to This is gonna be fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

147 - B9 Lost in Space

Finishing the night off with a little B9 from Lost in Space for the PencilJack weekly sketch group. Pure Copic marker gray scale fun.

146 - like a Rat Templar?

Like a rat from a sinking ship, or a Rat Templar even. Ha! No this is in fact a re-drawing of a page from The Mice Templar with art by the astounding Michael Avon Oeming. Always give credit people. This was just an exercise in fun and practice for inking with my brush pen. I did a rough layout of the pencils from Oemings page in The Mice Templar and than I went straight to my brush pen and just tried to have fun with it. The easiest way  to tell that it's not a straight dupe or copy is to look at the ears - after I scanned it in I realized I completely forgot to put any shadow in the right ear, I'm a goof.

Onto other things. I have a question for anyone who reads this and is willing to leave a comment. My friend Colin and I have an idea for a comic. We have what could be a really great story and we have the idea of taking it all the way to publication if possible. We also had the idea of doing a weekly/semi-weekly podcast along the way to discuss out trials and tribulations as we go. The goal is to have the podcast go along with comic and then hopefully continue after we finish the first comic as Colin and I discuss comics, movies, pop culture, whatever comes into our sinister little heads. But here is where the question comes in. The Question For You?


So bear in mind that we want the name to work for a comic book podcast about the creation of a comic by two total amateurs and continue on even after we finish the comic. So below is the list of names we have been kicking around, let us know what you think. Are any of them striking a nerve with ya? Any of them sound good? Do you have an idea better than any we have come up with so far? Let me know in the comments and I'll pass the info along to Colin.

Possible Podcast Names:
My First Comic Book
The Trouble with Scribbles
The Next Element
The Last Element
Fanboy Go!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

145 - Petey the Ptetraventurer

Whole lots of other stuff going on but I'm sneaking in another PencilJack weekly sketch group piece right before the end of the weekend. Meet Petey the Ptetraventurer, king of the winged adventure, flying into trouble and fun all day!
Sadly Whitney Houston died this weekend but we were lucky enough to have an amazing tribute song by Jennifer Hudson on the Grammys, I almost teared up. What I find the saddest though is that I think I felt worse when Whitney Houston seemed to through away her career and talent chasing drugs, after that it seems this end was almost inevitable. Another great loss.
Well, have a great week people.