Sunday, March 21, 2010

43 - Amazing Spider-Man #625...simply amazing!

This has to have been the best issue of Spidey I have read in a long time. The entire Gauntlet story line that has been running in ASM has been really good, with the exception of the new Vulture - he has been the low point so far.

This single issue I believe can make anyone a Rhino fan. During this story they have been bringing back the classic Spidey villains and giving us new takes on them. But this issue has by far been the best. A confrontation between the old Rhino and the new Rhino which has been brewing for a bit now. It all comes to a head and you will actually feel for a "villain".

Anyone looking for a great story needs to pick up the Gauntlet, you won't be sorry. And specifically this issue, Joe Kelly writes probably the best story of his I have ever read and Max Fiumara lays down a very unique visual take on the Spidey world. Go get this issue people!

Friday, March 19, 2010

42 - and look at that...actually artwork..

Hey to all the funny peoples. Actually got a new piece done. There is a great new game called Allods Online, it is awesome! It looks a bit like WoW and plays like it as well, but it's FREE! Great game to check out if you have a couple of hours to kill and don't want to spend any money.

Anywho they had a contest on the Allods Forum and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to do a digital painting. Grabbed my Wacom and fired up Corel X for the first time in awhile and got to work. I am even happy with the results. Good stuff, enjoy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

41 - My left foot...

As we know sometimes time on the couch is well spent. After a great class at Team Hardcore practicing checking leg kicks I found reason to spend time on my couch. I found about 2 days after class that the goose egg on my leg not shrunk, in fact it had gotten bigger and I had a nice pool of blood in my ankle. But no worries, went to my doc and everything is good. Hot rag under a heating blanket couple of times a day over the last week and a half and I have a normal leg again. So...
Back to the gym on Tuesday, the fun will commence. And even better I get to go back with all my new gear. Got my self some new stuff with the tax return and my awesome wife went and bought me some new gear for our anniversary. She got me a nice rash guard and a cool new mouth piece. And I even got some nice new shin guards, which we can see I needed.