Friday, January 4, 2013

201 - Mutant backside for your viewing pleasure!

Never give up!

Yep, that's right still not giving up on working my way through the entire Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist by Christopher Hart. It's a fun book and I'm still enjoying it everyone once in awhile in between my other projects. There is much rejoicing in my mind as posters are finishing up and comic pages are being colored. But here we have the Mutant fellow for his final appearance as you get the muscle groups in the rear view. Good stuff, enjoy.

Tomorrow I turn 35.
I'm rocking a mohawk while still working a government job. I'm on 2 different podcasts and I am currently coloring a 130 page OGN with an amazing group of guys.
This is definitely not things I would think that I would have been able to say a couple years ago.
Things are good.

Hope you are all enjoying your new year so far.

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