Sunday, January 13, 2013

203 - a quick punch!

I keep needing to take breaks from coloring.  So many hours of staring at a computer screen eventually does damage. So as I need breaks and I need to keep working and improving on my art I am going to keep updating this here blog of course but I am also going to try and toss some stuff back up on PencilJack again. That is a community of great people that I miss chatting with so I am diving back in. First step I took part in this weeks sketch group and started with the 10 minute sketch picture of an mma fight. It's not complete as I timed myself and was honest. It was nice to kinda get in there and just cut lose and see what would come out in 10 minutes. It's crazy when that timer goes off and you realize that 10 minutes just flew by. Fun stuff.

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