Saturday, September 29, 2012

193 - more complex shapes = more complex characters

Crazy day yesterday. If you have questions refer back to  the nice short and simple blog # 192. Trying to get some work done today and had this ready to post so here it is. 2nd post from the Creating Characters with Personality by Tom BancroftSimple shapes make for simple characters so naturally what follows is more complex shapes make more complex characters. You must find you balance.

Friday, September 28, 2012

192 - What a GEEK of a day!

Okay so. Work day. Payday. Comics day. Got my Avengers Blu-ray day. Work out day. GEEK funded day. Hot damn it has been one hell of a day! Think I'm gonna go eat dinner. This day has left me exhausted. Love you all! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

191 - with 5 days left, you better get him to the GEEK!

So here it is in all of its glory. This is the piece that I sent off to the guys, Shawn DePasquale, Matt Cohen, Axel Ortiz, showing what I would do with Axel's amazing pencils. Going in I had no reference for what any of the color scheme was suppose to be so I was informed that there would be some color notes as certain choices have been made but the important part is that I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the guys and I'm really hoping that the G.E.E.K. fundraiser does well enough that they can afford to bring a colorist onto the book. 

Speaking of which, go click here ----> G.E.E.K. Kickstarter Page!

The first step is still to get the book funded. There's not much chance of anyone getting to color this bucket of awesome if the kickstarter itself is not first successful. So go take a look, watch the 2 great videos, 1 main page, 1 an update. Give if you can, and if you can't but still think it is a worthwhile project share it with your friends, and family, and pets, and facebook acquaintances, and Twitter followers, and MMO guild mates. You know, that whole big social media thing you have built up, put it to some good use and spread the love of G.E.E.K.! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

190 - what lifts and separates?

The lovely and talented mister Martheus Wade shared his Power Girl line work and asked for color entries as his next tutorial over at his sweet ass blog - is going to be about coloring. So I done did my best and sent it on its way ti him and thought I might share it with you all. Have a lovely evening.

This as well as some other stuff has been added to my growing color portfolio over at stop by and leave me some stars and comments! Thansk peoples!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

189 - Trying to get my G.E.E.K. on in a big bad way.

Don't want to be sharing out of school so all you get is a little snippet of the coloring I have done this week for the G.E.E.K. Kickstarter project. Which can be found HERE! The genius that is behind the podcast Bagged and Boarded Mr. Matt Cohen of SMOD Castle fame got an idea for a comic and put together a great team of Axel @pecks13 and Shawn @shawnwrites to help bring his dream of a comic to life. If you haven't checked out the Kickstarter click on that link above as of right now there is still 11 days to go and the project is about $2500 from funding. Being that close I'm really hoping it funds firstly because I want my copy of the book and the other great rewards I have pledged for, and secondly because it just looks like a great fun book. Seriously check out the pledge levels, Matt Cohen has some crazy cool and fun rewards on this super cool kickstarter.
The other reason that I am super excited to see this project not only fund but go above it's funding goal is the guys talked about getting a colorist to work on the book if the funding gets high enough. So I did the one thing I needed to do and hit the guys up on the twitters and facebooks and offered up my services as a colorist. I was sent a promo image that Axel had penciled and inked, to color, along with the other people that had shown interest in coloring the book. I finished my versions, yes versions, hopefully I didn't go overboard. I sent 3 different versions off to Shawns email this evening. Fingers crossed, at this point it is out of my hands.  Here's hoping they liked what I did and offer me the position. I'll be waiting nervously by the email box.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

188 - An Oracle for You. But Ya Ahh, Barbara, Ya Aaaah In That Chair!

The 2nd sketch battle over at the lovely Read Comic that I took part in is complete and I luckily did not come in last place! Do to a flood of 3 votes right on the last morning my pretty little sketch seen here above jumped up to tied for 2nd to last place along with sketch "A". So it was fun and it could have been worse. The next sketch battle is the Rob Leifeld "Like-feld" contest, should be a blast!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend. I'm a Denver Broncos fan so my Sunday night ended in spectacular fashion. GO PEYTON!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

187 - on a mutha funkin Mutant!

Back again with some more of that Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist by Christopher Hart because I just can't be stopped! This one turned out really well I think especially as the image on the right was done while racing the clock trying to finish it before the wife hollered that dinner was ready. I actually finished it about 4 minutes after she hollered but it was a really close race, fun was had.

Bonus! As of this post #187 on a mutha fuckin blog I have tied last year for 59 posts so far in 2012. There have been a few posts that did not have a sketch attached but I still am very happy that I'm getting more posts up and I hope everyone following and reading is enjoying.

Friday, September 7, 2012

186 - Simple shapes = simple characters

Just a fun simple sketch. During tonight's recording of The Next Element Podcast I talked about starting some character design work for a character in a short story I wrote which Colin is turning into a script for a 4/5 page comic. The character is a little bad ass barbarian girl named Camilla the Hun. I think she is going to be a blast to work with but what I don't have yet is the design of the character. So in comes Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft.

So after we were done with the podcast I started flipping through the book and after a couple of minutes had the very simple urge to sketch something. One of the best feelings in the world for me is having that feeling of wanting, almost needing to draw something and being able to feed that need. Lucky for me I was sitting in front of my computer with a nice Intous tablet and a book. One of the first sections in the book goes over simple shapes and has the great line that simple shapes make simple characters, hence the sketches above. Simple shapes make simple characters, more varied shapes create more varied characters. Sketching in Sketchbook Pro is getting to be more fun every time I use it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

185 - getting Super with RCB forums!

This was my entry for the last Read Comic Books forum sketch battle a couple of weeks ago. Posting now as we were working on keeping who did what somewhat anonymous. I liked the idea of a classic pose that is cropped in a way that you can imagine "your Superman" is the one in the sketch. Thought it turned out pretty well though I did not win the sketch battle. =-(

There is always next time and indeed there is a new sketch battle going on right now that is open for public vote. So head on over to the Bird's of Prey Sketch Battle and toss in your vote for best sketch.

Bonus - Molly Danger did indeed fund and I can't wait until this awesome book arrives!
2nd - How do you guys like the new banner? Let me know.