Sunday, January 29, 2012

144 - Final look at a couple final projects

Realized I never posted my finished Copic sketch of Tony Chu from Chew and the final version of the name plate/logo for Miss Amy Ankrom/Sisneros. So here we have them.

This was the 4th and final pass on my Tony Chu sketch, loving my new Copics.

The Ankrom logo was designed from the insert color photo of Amy's original art, and lucky for me she said she was happy with the results.

143 - take me to your Taskmaster

Sunday bloody Sunday. Oh no,'s a lovely day! My boy Marvin and his wife Alicia welcomed a new one into the world today, Ellis Kinney is now a part of the clan. And my favorite little man Wilson now gets to join the world of those who actually have to share. You know it has to be hard at 4 to give up attention and toys, I know I wouldn't like it. Congrats to Marvin, Alicia, and Wilson as Ellis joins in the fun. 

Now on to the above drawing. Finished the dang thing last night as I watched the UFC on FOX. One really bad fight, possibly the most uninteresting fight in the last 2 years, and a couple of okay fights that were nothing to write home about. The worst thing was that it seems Chael Sonnen believes he is now in the WWE. The post fight "interview" with Joe Rogan sounded like one of The Rocks old promo spots with the words "Chael Sonnen" inserted everywhere that "The Rock" had been. When you start referring to yourself in the 3rd person and how the guy with the microphone is feeling basking in the glory of your presences it should be after you just did an amazing knockout or out someone into a great submission and got a tap, not after eeking through 3 rounds and "winning" a judges decision. Man I hope this isn't the start of UFC fighters starting to think that they should act like pro-wrestlers. I love my MMA, and I love my pro-wrestling but never the twain shall be confused you know. 

Oh yeah I was gonna say something about the drawing, ha! Another sketch for the lovely weekly sketch group over at PencilJack. Fine bunch of lads over there. Started this at the Geeks Who Drink over at Brewforia on Monday night and now here we have the end result. I have to say I enjoyed the hell out of this one, think it turned out pretty well. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

142 - Beware the Terrafin!

Quick warm up sketch today before the big work. Decided to do a Terrafin from the new Skylanders game. This game is on it's way to being a really big crack addiction for kids and parents as it has the collection aspect like Pokemon for characters and the amazingly smart ability for all character figures to be played across all 3 major game platforms as well as on the PC. Smart marketing and a fun game per my friend Marvin and his son Wilson's review. So for Mr. Wilson a little Terrafin sketch. This guy is a shark with earth based powers, Land Shark peoples!

"Candy gram mam"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

141 - Task Master wip

Quick pop in to share a little bit of my w.i.p. for this weeks weekly sketch group over at PencilJack. Started this last night at Brewforia with my favorite peoples the members of Jack's Useless Knowledge for our Monday night Geeks Who Drink. Fun was indeed had by all again. Beer, trivia, food, and friends. Good stuff. This sketch might even turn out as good as I hope.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

140 - Bad Bad Belle

We have a double post. It's almost like I'm increasing in speed, crazy stuff, 2 in 1 day wow! Just sneaking in under the wire for the PencilJack weekly sketch group. Quick sketch of a vampiric Belle from Beauty and and the Beast and yes a vampire version of a Disney princess was one of the sketch group choices this week, PencilJack is awesome! If you've never you should go check them out.
So here we have Dark Belle, enjoy.

139 - What's your vote for?

A very simplified idea for the banner contest over at democratikcomics  My idea was to kinda show an image in process so you get that wip(work in process) feel, so pencils blue and regular, inks, and then the text done digitally. It seems a bit more disjointed than I had it in my head, but I think it kinda works.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

138 - what's on the side? or Hero side view muscle groups

Back at the Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist by Christopher Hart. Here we have the Hero muscle groups from the side view. The most important part in the book is showing that the neck does not indeed connect to the back of your arms. There is back muscles and shoulders in the way. No flat backs peoples.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

137 - a little logo and screw you SOPA

Just a little piece of a logo I am finally finishing up for a friend from work. I think it is actually turning out better than I originally thought it would. Maybe I am learning a bit as I go.

Tomorrow is the anti-internets day for everyone to protest SOPA. Certain websites are actually shutting down for the day in protest and I thought I would try to do my own little part. Not posting here would not be much to notice so I am going to try and spend all day tomorrow without accessing the internet at all unless required to at work. Other than that, I'm going dark. No Facebook, no Twitter, no PencilJack, no Ants. Oh my god what am I going to do! Oh, hey...look..a book...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

136 - ah CHEW! excuse me...

3rd step - went over it with my N1 Neutral Gray Copic marker. Those things are fun. Very little bleeding even on cheap sketchbook paper.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

134 - Chew on this!

Trying to bring out my inner @Rob_guillory with this sketch here of the great detective Tony Chu from the even greater comic book Chew from Image comics. If you haven't read Chew yet you are missing out. Great mix of mystery and humor. I bought the first 4 volumes for the wife for Xmas and she is loving them so far. 

I will post the rest of the process as it goes. Planning on inking this one and then maybe trying out the new Copic markers. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

133 - simplified male muscle groups

Moving along through the Christopher Hart book still, Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist. Simplified muscle groups of the male superhero type from the front. Yep, yep.
I'm still loving working my way through this book while I work on other stuff and I'll be damned if this isn't going to be the book I finally draw all the way through.

Friday the 13th is coming people!

Damn I love Friday the 13ths. I graduated boot camp on a Friday the 13th. Hopefully this one will rock!

Monday, January 9, 2012

132 - the Boys Club

Today's post is actually an old sketch I've been meaning to work on. I called this the Boys Club. Tried to fill a page with Slashers, some of my favorite guys, and thought it was fairly noticeable that all the great slasher movie killers are guys. One of these days there really needs to be a well written female slasher.

Anywho, this year I have decided to increase my posts. I know the more I draw the better I will get, simple as that. New Years resolutions are usually really hard to keep and that is why I put mine off for a bit this year. Last year was fairly simple. I looked at my blog posts for 2010, 31 total, and set the reasonable goal of posting more in 2011. When I easily met that goal I decided to up it to at least one post a week for the year of 2011. As of the end of the year I had a nice big old stack of 59 posts, goal met.

So where does that put me. I guess simple goal this year will be a minimum of 60 posts. If that proves to easy, might have to raise it again. More drawing, more posts, more chances for people to see what I'm working on and hopefully more people will like what I'm doing.

Happy New Year everyone, now get on it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

131 - that ninja is a basket case!

Watched Ong Bak 2 and Ong Bak 3 today, Tony Jaa rules and I draw a pilgrim basket hat ninja!

Add in the Broncos winning the Wild Card game and the slow departure of the headache I woke up with and not an all around bad day.

To bad tomorrow's Monday.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

130 - just a little someTHING different

Ben Grimm for the win suckers! Just a little something for the PencilJack Weekly Sketch Group. The real fun of this one was using the Copic multiliners and the Copic color markers I got for Xmas for the first time. How can you not love Ben Grimm, the Ever-Loving Blue Eyed Thing,  rocking the sweater he got for Xmas.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

129 - Krillin it in 2012

A little later than never here as DBZ characters were actually up for the PencilJack Weekly Sketch Group for last week. I need to plan my sketching time better, work on keeping the world from getting in the way. A new year, a new goal. Here...we....go