Thursday, December 27, 2012

199 - Front Desk Man!

Had a bit of fun this week doing a farewell piece for one of the workers that is leaving us this week. Our man David is having his last day at Health & Welfare tomorrow and is off to continue helping people with his new position at the Boise VA. As a way to show him how much we all appreciate him and will miss him the idea was brought up to do a kinda super hero caricature of David.
Being the artsy type guy in our office the task was given to me. I think it turned out well. Breaking out the Copics for the first time in to long was a lot of fun. The final result looks pretty good in the frame co-worker Amy snagged for the picture. Should go over well tomorrow.
If anyone is wondering David is portrayed as Front Desk Man which is the hardest position in Child Support Services. I know, it's a position I held off and on for about a year. No one seems to want to come in and talk to Child Support when they are happy so you spend 8 hours a day doing your best to help people understand their position and what you can and can't do for them while trying to be as helpful and understanding as you can be, it is a damn tough job. David's been doing it for a while and it seems he was pretty dang good at it. He will be missed around our office and the VA is lucky to have him.

Small note:  Tonight we did the first ever MEGAPOD with almost all the members of the Media Junk Food Podcast Network, it was epic and a blast to do. If you want to give it a listen it will be up soon on my podcast which can be found HERE

Hope you all have a great recovery weekend after the stress of Xmas.

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