Saturday, December 8, 2012

198 - is this the Electro Foxx you're looking for?

Are one of these the expectations you have of Jamie Foxx playing Electro? If the new news is to be believed then Jamie Foxx has indeed confirmed he will be playing Max Dillon in Amazing Spider-Man 2 which I think could be great. I'm hoping that we get the first picture above and don't fall prey to a possible script that doesn't bring us the Max from the comics that I know and love. Wanda with electric powers scares the shit out of me!
With all of Jamie Foxx's turns in great flicks and putting out amazing performances like Ray, The Soloist and Ali I'm hoping we get the bad ass actor that we all know Foxx can be. And come on, Dean 'MF' Jonesin Horrible Bosses was frickin epic! I guess we will just see what we see.

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