Sunday, September 23, 2012

191 - with 5 days left, you better get him to the GEEK!

So here it is in all of its glory. This is the piece that I sent off to the guys, Shawn DePasquale, Matt Cohen, Axel Ortiz, showing what I would do with Axel's amazing pencils. Going in I had no reference for what any of the color scheme was suppose to be so I was informed that there would be some color notes as certain choices have been made but the important part is that I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the guys and I'm really hoping that the G.E.E.K. fundraiser does well enough that they can afford to bring a colorist onto the book. 

Speaking of which, go click here ----> G.E.E.K. Kickstarter Page!

The first step is still to get the book funded. There's not much chance of anyone getting to color this bucket of awesome if the kickstarter itself is not first successful. So go take a look, watch the 2 great videos, 1 main page, 1 an update. Give if you can, and if you can't but still think it is a worthwhile project share it with your friends, and family, and pets, and facebook acquaintances, and Twitter followers, and MMO guild mates. You know, that whole big social media thing you have built up, put it to some good use and spread the love of G.E.E.K.! 

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