Sunday, September 16, 2012

189 - Trying to get my G.E.E.K. on in a big bad way.

Don't want to be sharing out of school so all you get is a little snippet of the coloring I have done this week for the G.E.E.K. Kickstarter project. Which can be found HERE! The genius that is behind the podcast Bagged and Boarded Mr. Matt Cohen of SMOD Castle fame got an idea for a comic and put together a great team of Axel @pecks13 and Shawn @shawnwrites to help bring his dream of a comic to life. If you haven't checked out the Kickstarter click on that link above as of right now there is still 11 days to go and the project is about $2500 from funding. Being that close I'm really hoping it funds firstly because I want my copy of the book and the other great rewards I have pledged for, and secondly because it just looks like a great fun book. Seriously check out the pledge levels, Matt Cohen has some crazy cool and fun rewards on this super cool kickstarter.
The other reason that I am super excited to see this project not only fund but go above it's funding goal is the guys talked about getting a colorist to work on the book if the funding gets high enough. So I did the one thing I needed to do and hit the guys up on the twitters and facebooks and offered up my services as a colorist. I was sent a promo image that Axel had penciled and inked, to color, along with the other people that had shown interest in coloring the book. I finished my versions, yes versions, hopefully I didn't go overboard. I sent 3 different versions off to Shawns email this evening. Fingers crossed, at this point it is out of my hands.  Here's hoping they liked what I did and offer me the position. I'll be waiting nervously by the email box.

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