Sunday, February 26, 2012

149 - what's in a podcast?

Still messing around with the podcast logo. Trying to get the look down for The Next Element Podcast, it's got to be somewhat stylish. Tried some orange, tried some blue. I personally like the orange one.

Today was a very note worthy day for the podcast. Colin and I had everything set up. Went over the list of things we wanted to cover and then went at it with some gusto. And as life is cruel some times we ended up with absolutely nothing to show after a great hour long discussion. So we have joined the ranks of some of the greatest podcasters out there knowing that we had a great discussion and it was lost to the ether.

So now we have to re-do the first podcast so we can get something up at  
besides our 2nd test pod. Ah life she is a work in progress.

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