Monday, February 20, 2012

148 - The Next Element Podcast! We have a name!

After about an hour of discussion today on Skype with my boy Colin some decisions have been made. If you are really blind you might not have noticed the to colorful boxes above. We have a name for our podcast. Colin and I will be doing a podcast called "The Next Element Podcast" as we work toward making our own comic book! I have found a couple of podcasts about making comics and about the comic book industry, most are fairly informative and almost all of them are entertaining. The thing that they all to to have in common is that they are filled with people that have published books, that have worked for the industry, that have great experiences to share and knowledge to pass along. What I haven't been able to find though is a podcast of a couple of people talking about the experience as it is happening. Colin and I are total amateurs. We have no idea what we are doing other than what we have heard and read, no real world experience trying to create a book and get it published. Will it work? Will we create an amazing award winning book right out the gate? Will we make something so bad we don't want it to see print? No one knows. The only thing I know right now is that it should at least be entertaining.

So if you want to come along for the ride you can find us @NextElementPodcast over on the twitters. Any questions, comments, suggestions can go to This is gonna be fun!

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