Sunday, January 30, 2011

75 -that Thing you do.

This drawing was originally done by Steve McNiven, all credit where credit is due. I have the image set as my desktop wallpaper at the moment. The original has Sue standing in front of Ben but I wanted to just work on the Thing so sadly no Sue Storm this time.

While looking at the image I started a sketch in Sketchbook Pro 2011, I got the image partially done and converted the image to blue lines in Photoshop and then printed it out and started inking it with a Prismacolor ink brush. I've been wanting to try this technique as I've been watching a lot of the videos that Skottie Young has up in multiple places(check out for some great stuff) and his way of working is very different from mine. So mainly it's just for fun.

After I worked on the ink for a bit I decided to add in more pencils and try to do the rest of the image. Added some lines with just pencil and I'm gonna rescan it and add in the rest back in Sketchbook Pro 2011.

I just threw this piece up on to get myself started there. Hoping for some positive art critique and feedback. I am also posting it here for both of my loyal fans, enjoy.

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