Saturday, January 1, 2011

70 or 1-1-11 the binary day

And as we start a new year I start things off the right way by getting going on Simian things. The Simian Brewing Company of Nampa, Idaho will soon be the greatest brew house in the northwest. But if I'm going to help that happen I have a fair amount of art to create. So here's were we start. One simple idea for a label template, with 2 variations on that theme. Once I nail down a template then the real fun will start. Marvin Kinney, brewer-owner-operator of Simian Brewing Company has already crafted a large slate of beers and now that he is reproducing them and refining the recipes the time has come for unique labels for each special flavor of Simian.

Just you wait and see...

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Anonymous said...

It's really wonderful that you get to have a part in Marvin's vision and that he gets to be a part of your own. Can't wait to see the finished labels, Tony!