Thursday, September 24, 2015

220 - the continuation of stuff

Just a quick update. For those wanting to really follow what I'm up to on a more steady basis the best places are Twitter and Instagram: is where all my art post go now a days
and is where that art goes as well as my musings and crazy podcastingness

G.E.E.K. has not only wrapped and been printed but Matt Cohen is now shipping so i hope to be able to show you guys my copy very soon. Super excited to hold a book that I colored half of in my grubby little mitts.

I took some time off from all things at the end of G.E.E.K. which also coincided with me working through all the craziness of finishing off my divorce and selling my house. Much stress. Lead to much video gaming and not a lot of art.

As I started to get back into things I was lucky enough to have my name brought up in conversation to a fledgling game company and got interviewed to work on their project with them. The meeting went well and I've been working on sketches and card ideas for the Pass-A-Fist game for the past little bit and will be working on that for the foreseeable future. The plan is for the game to be ready to go to print and live on Kickstarter as of early 2016 so I've got a lot of art to work on. In the mean time you can right now go download FOR FREE a beta version of the game at

Along with that I'm still working through Christopher Hart's Figure It Out which makes for great daily warm up as I'm doing cards for the game. People are going to love the game, it's a fucking blast to play.

Other than that I'm trying to get ahead on everything so I can participate in Mr Jake Parker's fantastic annual event known as Inktober. Didn't quite finish it last year but I got close, planning on doing all 31 this year and I've got a fun theme and a database of reference ready to go so we'll see how I do.

Here's a bunch of what I've been working on:


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