Wednesday, March 4, 2015

219 - stuff

Decisions were made and things have happened. After thinking about not continuing with the Next Element podcast I had the honor of podcasting with Matt Burden from FPW and my favorite movie podcast Matinee Idles. Next Element is sticking around and it will happen when Colin and I feel like doing an episode.

My part of GEEK is done. The entire book is now done and on it's way to the printer. Soon to be a finally published comic!

I'm back to drawing, podcasting, and writing for Gonna Geek.

So go check out the stuff:

I'm now the co-host on All Things Good and Nerdy

I'm the host of a new POI Network podcast called CMYKTV podcast about all them fantastic comic book related TV shows.

And I'm back to doing Bachman's Best over at Gonna Geek.

And all the drawing stuff is showing up on my Twitter @anthonybachman and my Instagram @bachmananthony 

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