Monday, August 6, 2012

182 - Sweet sweet backside - female back muscle groups

Again. Again Again. Again again again. Back to the Simplified Anatomy for the Comic Book Artist by Christopher Hart. I am still working my way through this fun little book as a learning tool and as a path to follow as I try to just simply increase my output. Of all the artists out there whose work I love I have seen them say constantly that the only way to really improve is to just keep drawing, so that's the goal. So I keep going. I keep sketching. I'm stubborn. I'm pig and bullheaded. It seems to help with my work outs and hopefully will keep improving my art. It just doesn't always make me popular.

Okay. Back to work.

P.S. The blog is creeping up on 10,000 views and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has stopped by to check things out. A little bigger thanks for those that have dropped in comments and +'s. And a huge thanks for those that are subscribed to the blog and hopefully are liking what they see and that's why you are hanging around. It will keep going. Hope you enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

Was this you're attempt or pulled straight from the book?
I ask becuase of the comments written on the picture itself.
I could just go and look in my copy of the book but I know you love your comments ;)

P.W with a 3, not an 3

Anthony Bachman said...

Well thank you for the comment. I do love them. =-)

This is me drawing the images in the book and then writing the notes that the author Christopher Hart put on his images on mine after I try to re-draw what he did.

So no these are not scans or traces from the book. These are me trying to draw the image to look as much like the book as I can.

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought.
So take my first comment as a severe compliment.
You pulled off what the book asked of you.