Monday, November 8, 2010

65 - And the eyes have it

Still going on with the Christopher Hart book, now we start on the eyes. The page had a nice version of realistic versus the more simplified form. I did those and then figured why not throw down a sketch of the man that's all eye. For those that don't know, and SHAME on you if you don't, this gentleman is Allen the Alien. One of the coolest characters ever and one of my very favorite supporting characters in the wonderfulness that is Invincible.
Flat out if you are not reading this book you don't actually like superhero comics. Invincible is the best thing out each month for the capes persuasion and Allen has always been a crowd pleasure whenever he shows up.
Go out and get this book, right now issue 75 is on the stands and has some serious doings inside as the Viltrumite War kicks it into gear. Though the best idea is to go back and read it from the start, I figure if you start now, you will go back and read it from the word go as it is just that good.
AND ALWAYS REMEMBER - never get between a Unopan and his grubs!

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