Thursday, November 4, 2010

64 - well they ain't tails

Two more and away we go...
Just more heads from the Christopher Hart Simplified Anatomy book. I'm really enjoying the book and it's nice to actually be enjoying drawing again. Sketches, tattoo designs for friends and redesigning a beer company logo, things are good.

And to bring back on old fav...
SAT-Spoiler Alert Theater: Saw 3-D
Did the yearly outing to see Saw 3-D with my friend Valynn and I have to say it was well worth the extreme theater prices for a 3D movie. Great traps, the fun of having body parts flung at the screen off of saw blades tearing into bodies. Nothing like watching a film in 3D that was shot specifically for 3D, especially a horror film. If you ever enjoyed a Saw film I would recommend seeing this one in the theaters and paying for the 3D glasses, it is well worth it. If they are actually ending the franchise with film as they advertised it will be a fitting end. And if not I will see you guys next year Saw - Jigsaw Reborn!

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youronlygod said...

I loved this one too, thanks again for the treat T! I am sad to think we have to find a new franchise for our yearly outing though.