Friday, April 30, 2010

47 - S.A.T.s Round 2 - the Losers!

Spoiler Alert Theater again, great weekend for the movie goers as the New Nightmare on Elm Street is hopefully doing gangbusters right now. And for me I had the day off so I went and saw the Losers this morning, nice quiet 10'o clock showing, just me and 3 other people which was nice as a packedhouse usually makes me annoyed. Short and sweet, the Losers is a great flick.
If you liked the comic, go see this movie.
If you like action flicks with comedy, go see this movie.
If your a lady that like starring at Chris Evans, go see this movie.
If your a guy like me who likes looking at Zoe Saldana being hot while kicking ass, go see this movie.
Basically everyone over the age of 10 should go see this movie, it's just plain good.

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