Sunday, April 25, 2010

45 - Kick Ass, it did indeed and the introduction of Spoiler Alert Theater

Alright so I hope you are all ready for the S.A.T., Spoiler Alert Theater as I am going to call it. Don't know if I'll keep up with doing movie reviews but it seems like a fun idea at the moment. So we will start with:

Kick Ass, oh yeh I had to be there on opening day to see it. And I know what I the comic fans out our thinking, how we got burned soooo damn bad on what Hollywood did to Wanted. I'm not saying Wanted was a bad movie, it was good, it just should have been called Assassins and they should have gotten someone to make a film out of the comic book Wanted that was filled with frickin super villains, not assassins. That would have been awesome but I digress...

Any who even from the trailers it was good to see that they were actually making a movie version of Mark Millar's Kick Ass and not an interpretation. Tons of action, great buckets of blood, not for kiddies, great stuff. But so everyone knows going in they did make some changes. A couple of plot points from the book show up differently in the movie and a few instances go down different, but not in what I would say is a bad way. And in a way the changes are kind of cool cause going into a movie were I would have known everything that was going to happen might have been a little bit of a let down. One of the biggest changes was that Hit Girl plays a much bigger role in the movie than she did in the book, but the actress is great, nothin quite like a cute little girl lobbing off body parts with a smile, great great stuff.

As it was the whole damn thing was a blast from front to start and anyone with the stomach should go see it as it is well worth your movie money.


Winston said...

Glad you liked it, Do think IronMan2 will be any good?

Anthony Bachman said...

I'm pretty sure Iron Man 2 is going to be stupendous. After what Favreoueoueo and Downey Jr put together for the first one I don't see how this new one will be anything other than amazing, I'm stooked!