Sunday, March 21, 2010

43 - Amazing Spider-Man #625...simply amazing!

This has to have been the best issue of Spidey I have read in a long time. The entire Gauntlet story line that has been running in ASM has been really good, with the exception of the new Vulture - he has been the low point so far.

This single issue I believe can make anyone a Rhino fan. During this story they have been bringing back the classic Spidey villains and giving us new takes on them. But this issue has by far been the best. A confrontation between the old Rhino and the new Rhino which has been brewing for a bit now. It all comes to a head and you will actually feel for a "villain".

Anyone looking for a great story needs to pick up the Gauntlet, you won't be sorry. And specifically this issue, Joe Kelly writes probably the best story of his I have ever read and Max Fiumara lays down a very unique visual take on the Spidey world. Go get this issue people!

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