Saturday, January 16, 2010

40 - Team Hardcore

After over a year of sitting on my fat butt due to the closing of the great ATA school I was attending with the remarkable Kyle family I have finally put a foot back into training. Tuesday the 12th of January was my first day of training at Team Hardcore. I made it back on Thursday night so I put in 4 hours of training this first week back and it felt like it was going to kill me a few times.
It's amazing how fat and out of shape you can let yourself get in a year, man I am a slow slug. But now we are on the path to change all of that. With time in the gym and changing the diet a bit the goal is to be back in fighting shape by next January. On Monday this week my starting weight was 231 lbs of pure fat ass.
Step one is dropping this 30 lb beer gut to get down to a healthy 200 lbs, that would be good for my frame.
Step 2 will be trying to push a bit with a goal weight of around 185 lbs. Though this goal might change, we have to see how I am feeling after dropping the first 30.
Lots to look forward to, it's great to have some new goals.
Going to be even better when I reach them...

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