Friday, June 26, 2009

33 - Mural part 7

...And on the 7th day it was DONE! I did all the touch up today and finished the Cat n the Hat. Had to go back and redo almost all of the outlines which look much better now. We are planning on having the bookstore open for business on Wednesday July 1st and then I guess I will be getting a lot of feedback. Though lucky me I have had employees going in and out all week checking to see what I'm doing and they all seem to like it, hopefully the kids will agree. Now I can get to stocking all the empty shelves we have.


Tabi said...

That looks really great, Tony. That's good that your employer is letting you flex your artistic muscles for their benefit.

youronlygod said...

Zoinks! you know what my fav part was, love that you threw Shag and Scoob in there, I will be coming by to see it when it's open. It's awfully close to the house so even if I have to walk I'll be by. ;)