Tuesday, June 23, 2009

27 - Mural part 1

Well here it is. Finally getting some artwork done. Talk of a mural for the children's section at the new bookstore I got hired to work for in the Idaho Youth Ranch started during my interview and the other day one of my bosses said it was put up or shut up time. She gave me a full day to figure out what to put on the wall and I spent the next work day putting it all up on the wall in charcoal. Finished off the work week, Saturday and Sunday for me, by putting all the outlining up on the wall in black paint. Sunday afternoon I even got a little bit of the color put up. Hopefuuly I will be wrapping this up soon, I think my managers want me to get back to work, lol.
And yes it is more of a disjointed collection of characters then a fluid integrated mural but that's what I'm calling it. More pics will follow.

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