Friday, January 9, 2009

23 - Tattoo to you to...

Well here we go, the year is on it's way and as for now I am keeping up with my resolution. I usually don't make them as they seem to be something that's usually forgotten by Febuary but I thought this one might be different.

For this year I decided that now that I have my degree and no longer have anyone telling me to draw that I need to make sure to push myself so I made my resolution to draw something everyday this year. Wether just a sketch or working on projects I am determined to not let a day go to watse this year. And hell it can only help my art so I plan on keeping it up.

So far I have only done a bunch of sketches but I have plans and things are in the works. One of which is the design above. A friend of a friend asked if I could design a tattoo for her. The idea she had was to mix the neck barcode tattoo from Dark Angel with the universal gay symbol of the rainbow. And behold the rainbow barcode, and yes I did see others on the web. I searched and saw a couple but this one is mine, or at least it's my design, possibly someone else's for tattooing. hopefully she will like it.
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