Thursday, January 1, 2009

22 - A New Year and an old piece...

Well according to my BSU account I have earned a B+ and an A- for the semester which means I am now a BSU graduate. I have me a BFA in Illustration after only 4 1/2 years which isn't bad considering I switched my major over from Art Education after 2 years. Guess now I just have to wait for that pretty little piece of paper to show up in the mail and do my best to keep chugging along and not slow down on my artwork.
In an effort to accomplish this I will be making my New Year's resolution a crazy one, well for me anyways. I will work on a sketch or piece of art everyday throughout the whole year. I should already be to this point so it's time to get on the ball and quit with the procrastination. Should be fun.
Now that I am officially a graduate I would like to send huge thanks out to Dan Scott and Bill Carman, my two teachers from this semester and the two guys I learned the most from during my time at BSU. They are both amazing teachers which completely different styles but if you ever get a chacne to meet either one or take a class from them do it becuase you are guaranteed to learn something interesting. Thanks tons guys, everything you did for me is well appreciated.
And on to the post pic, I wanted something that represented my time at BSU so I am putting up the piece I did for the Illustration class musical poster assignment. Not my best work at BSU but a piece I had a lot of fun doing and one that turned out pretty cool. So that there is the poster I came up with when I found out they were doing Evil Dead The Musical. So cool, singing zombies man, can't beat that with a stick, well , maybe a Boomstick.

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