Wednesday, April 4, 2012

160 - I just keep on winning!

It has been a crazy couple of days. But in a good way. Last night after picking up AvX #1 which turned out to be really good Colin and I set down and recorded the 5th episode of our little podcast. The Next Element Podcast is chugging right along. The night before, on Monday we the proud members of Jack's Useless Knowledge took 2nd place in Geeks Who Drink over at the lovely Brewforia in Meridian, ID. A fine evening.

With just that it has been a full couple of days. Now add to that the Action Labs "I want Double Jumpers" contest over on the Twitter pages. I sadly didn't win that. However I did receive a rocking runner up prize compliments of Shawn Pryor and the fine fine folks over at Action Labs.

But the big one. The thing that really got all this started and put me in a dancing little glee. In Super Dinosaur # 7 my very first letter to a comic was published. I tossed in a couple of names for a standard old Name the Letters Page Contest. Well being the lucky guy I am I thought they would go with anyone else's idea but mine so I read issue # 8 the next month and issue #9 this weekend not expecting much. Surprise to me as I started reading the letters page and had to take a double take when I saw that the letter's page was title Mailasaurus Text. The name I had sent in for the contest. WHAT?

Read the intro by the awesome Sina Grace and the following congrats from Robert Kirkman and realized I had not only won the contest but I had some awesome stuff coming my way. A few emails later I now know that I have a t-shirt, I'm sure it's the Super Dino one, a page of Jason Howard's oh so sweet original art from Super Dinosaur, and as Sina put it random other things that Robert wanted to send. I am so looking forward to seeing a package arrive in the mail. You there will be a nice pic on here of all the goodies, especially my very first page of original comic art. Such a good couple of days.

Long days and pleasant nights all...

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