Sunday, June 5, 2011

102 - the colors of Awesome Storm Justice 41

The only thing better than something is something new. Here we have a bit of my work for a great webcomic series called Awesome Storm Justice 41, or ASJ41 that can be found here: ASJ41 link.
Check it out, there is some funny stuff and some great looking work, fun stuff.

 My contribution so far has been to work on some colors for the webcomic. Here we have my finished colors for page 3 of episode 30 and the flats so far for page 5. This is only the 2nd thing I've tried coloring digitally and still find it to be a fun process. Plus I just updated my computer and now I'm seemingly having to learn CS4 all over again as all of my presets were lost and everything went back to default. Oh well, more to learn means more fun to be had.

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