Tuesday, May 18, 2010

51 - S.A.T.s Round 3 and News

And now the news...
Started the day off feeling awful and ended up at the doctors office. Seems I might have me a nice little staph infection, hooray for me! But I got me some nice new meds and hopefully everything will start feeling better.

And on to another round of Spoiler Alert Theater
The past couple of weekends have made for some great movie watching. I'll try to keep most of these short and sweet:
Clash of the Titans - a great remake/ re-imagining and probably the film they would have made years ago if they had been able to create these special effects back in the day. Liam Neeson gives an enjoyable performance as Zeus and when we soon get to see him as Hannibal in the A-Team remake he might just become the king of the 80's remakes.
Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - another remake/ re-imagining this time in the vein of all 80's slashers returning to the big screen ala Leatherface, Michael Myers and Jason. This time though we actually do get a few new ideas thrown into the mix and some great special effects. Haley goes a different route in his Krueger performance, it's not the amazing madman that Robert Englund introduced us to in our childhood but it is also not a crappy imitation. Haley gives his Krueger his own mannerisms and pacing, movements and speech patterns. All around it was a fun remake, the only problem I had was in the retelling of the origin were this time around Freddy is something I found a bit more disturbing then him just being a child murderer, I know it sounds weird but I liked the old story better. I actually won't spoil it here as it's something everyone should see and then decide for themselves, go see it if you ever liked any of the slashers, it's well worth the price of admission.
Iron Man 2 - this had to have been my favorite sequel in the last 5 years. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark, the parallels between the two aside it is still just great casting. He puts in another fun performance in another great popcorn blockbuster. No reason to bring your big thinking cap to this one, just sit back and enjoy the cool suits, great fights, explosions, and of course a couple of cute girls in small outfits. Mickey Rourke puts on a great showing as Whiplash and Scarlett Johansson does a great job as the Black Widow even though she isn't actually called that in the film. The big surprise is Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer he is equally impressive as the arms dealer and the sore loser. After seeing Moon which was possible the greatest one man showing in a movie I have ever enjoyed Sam Rockwell does a hell of a job in this flick giving us a character that you love to hate. The big winner though is Don Cheadle, his performance as War Machine is a blast, it's so much fun to watch it actually makes me feel bad for Terrance Howard, boy did he miss out. The suits, the tech, new and old, and all the great little easter eggs make this a hell of a joy ride. Go see it twice just to make sure we all let Jon Favreau know how much we appreciate what he has been able to do with Iron Man for us the fans.

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