Wednesday, July 22, 2009

37 - Bullies sig...

In my time playing Warhammer I have been lucky enough to start running with a great group of people, The Bullies. This guild has helped to keep Warhammer fun through the rougher times and now they(we) are spreading out into other mmo's. The Bullies are being represented over on the Aion Beta and are soon to be seen in the Gloabal Agenda Beta and Star Wars the Old Republic when it launches.
Anyways as part of our forums a lot of peoples have custom signatures and I had never made one so I thought it might be fun. With the templates I was sent from some great guildmates I was able to turn out what I think is a pretty cool signature repesentative of my main, a rank 40 Disciple of Khaine named Twixtt.

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